The Sinsibles

The Sinsibles was a shit show. Literally.

It was supposed to be a shocking, irreverent talkshow that would tear up the rule book, take 1Radio by the throat and shake the feck out of it. In reality, it was just a long, hate-filled rant that failed to land any real blows. 

Hosted by wannabe comic Al Chantrey and impressionable Tez Tezekjian, Sinsibiles came across as a couple of bitter drunks drowned out by the sounds of their livers crying. 

They would bemoan the platform, take shots at other presenters and listeners but mostly just have a go at me and the station. They were trolls before it was a thing. Yes, there's a long radio tradition of presenters taking aim at management but it's generally amiable if not amusing. This was just a couple of haters, shitting on the station that hosted them. 

Geoff Tracey was part of the first show but he appeared reluctantly and with a bit of embarrassment. He apologised to me personally afterwards and had no further involvement.

I let them air a few shows but ultimately it was a turn off for the three or four people who took the trouble to listen. I told them to pack up their shit and take it elsewhere, which they duly did though not before the presenters had some final shoutbox rants and filled other people's shows with yet more hate, anger and insults. 

I always felt shows, no matter how poor, deserved a place on 1Radio - if only for the audacity of someone switching on a microphone, selecting a bunch of songs and attempting to make something entertaining. Sinsibles was the exception. 

I only ever binned one show from 1Radio based on its content and this pile of horse was it.

Posted by Tim on Mon 31 Oct 2022 at 08:03 and viewed 1,686 times.

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