Ceejay, also known as Dinosaur DJ, was the name adopted by Christopher McNally.

Ceejay was not the oldest presenter on 1Radio. That distinction belonged to Ricky Rodgers. Ceejay just sounded the oldest. Years of smoking from an early age had wrecked his tubes and he sounded like he was broadcasting from inside an Iron Lung. 

It’s hard to say what music genres Ceejay loved the most. He was across everything, especially new music. Ceejay’s speciality was oldies. He had brilliant recollection of the most obscure, long forgetten tracks from yesteryear and would pepper his shows with familar and forgotten songs.

"I had a passion for music from as long ago as I can remember. I did discos from the early 70s to the late 80s. Computers took over my interests but I always wanted to do radio from the very first time I heard pirate radio stations in the 60s. I joined 1Radio in December 2009 and am loving every minute of it."

Ceejay was the first, possibly the only presenter, to regularly push the server to its limits. He would interview up and coming artists over Skype and the shoutbox would be fit to burst with the artist’s fans and supporters.

Ceejay also dabbled with video and had his own YouTube channel and website UKGetDiscovered. Ceejay's first ever show on 1Radio was The Oldman’s Birthday Bash and he remained on the station til the bitter end.


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